April 5th Spin-In

We were delighted to welcome ninety attendees to the Iowa Federation of Handweavers and Spinners Spring Spin-In.

The registration table


Wow! The variety of shopping opportunities was amazing! Here are some of the vendors who helped make the spin-in successful.










It was our good fortune to obtain Deb Robson as our keynote speaker. She is pictured below with her friend Sarah Jane Humke, our guild’s Vice President.


Deb Robson’s first presentation was “The Magic of Wool: Stuff They Can’t Make in a Lab.” Deb described her talk as a fibergeek’s look at wool. She explained what makes wool so special, described its structure, and detailed the properties that give us so many different varieties of wool.


“Rare Breeds of Sheep: What They are and Why They Matter” was Deb’s second topic. She talked about the criteria used to determine if a sheep breed is rare and why it is important that these rare breeds survive. Interestingly, fiber artists have played an important role in maintaining populations of rare breed sheep by using the wool for their projects.

A new addition to this year’s spin-in was the fashion show. Thanks to the participants who were willing to share their creations with us, the show was a great success.


There was good participation in the popular choice categories. Members had a difficult time choosing their favorites. A big thanks to the vendors for their donations to the popular choice and door prizes.

Entries for items handknit or crocheted from handspun:


Entries for items handwoven from handspun:


Entries for items handwoven not from handspun:


Entries for items from handspun rare breed wool:


Entries for handspun skeins:


Entries for felted items:


Great speaker, spacious room, good company, beautiful items for sale, inspiring projects shared, delicious snacks, and yummy lunch items all add up to an excellent day.

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