November 8, 2014 Meeting

Our November program was a “trunk show” featuring highlights of long-time guild member Marty Olsen’s weaving career.

Here is Marty modeling her beautifully woven wrap.


Marty returned to school when she was forty to pursue an art degree at UNI. She tried jewelry-making and art history before she fell in love with weaving during an art for education class. After twelve years of taking classes, Marty successfully earned her degree.

Her first woven project was this wool rug, which she still loves.


Marty went on to weave a wide variety of other projects including clothing, household items, bags, scarves, and baskets. Many of her projects were made with wool, but she also enjoyed using denim.

She used double weave to make this jacket.


A Minnesota sunset was the inspiration for this piece.


This framed over-shot weaving was given an award by Mayor Kruse of Cedar Falls.


Marty used wool to make this soft, thick twice woven rug. First she wove long narrow loops which she then used as weft for the finished rug.


Marty has woven many scarves, but her favorite is this one made of chenille and lined with silk.


Who wouldn’t be proud to carry this beautiful bag to some very special occasion?


This is only a small sample of the beautiful woven items Marty shared with us. Nearly as impressive was her meticulous record-keeping, something which would benefit us all.

Marty frequently mentioned the benefits of belonging to a group such as our guild for sharing ideas and participating in study groups.

We would like to thank Marty for inspiring us all with her wonderful presentation and talent.

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