Felting is Magic

After the March meeting our presenter, Abi Hutchinson, led a workshop for members on felting flowers. She provided handouts with directions for four different methods to try along with an amazing variety of luscious fibers from which to choose.

Abi's beautiful fibers

Abi’s beautiful fibers

The needles used in needle felting have barbed tips which entangle the fibers and hold them in place to make a firm fabric. Members played with a variety of single needles, tools holding groups of needles, and even a needle felting machine to create lovely felted flowers.

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Watch this video of needle felting in action.

Options two and three were to knit or crochet hyperbolic flowers. The flower will be somewhat smaller after felting. Then it can be stretched and folded into shape and stitched into place. Embellishments can be added, or perhaps it’s perfect as is!

Jan's crocheted hyperbolic flower before felting

Jan’s crocheted hyperbolic flower before felting

Our fourth felting option was making a flower using the wet felting technique. Abi likes to use super fine merino wool, as it felts quickly and easily. Using only hot water, a little soap, and our hands, the fiber magically took the form of a flower. To complete the flower, some decided to add stamens and a stem.

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Click here to see Abi explaining an important part of making a flower using wet felting.

Thank you, Abi, for sharing your expertise and beautiful fibers with us. All of us left with more tools in our felting tool box and at least one lovely felted flower.

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