Mary Ann the Librarian

When the Northeast Iowa Weavers and Spinners Guild moved into our current building, we finally had enough space to house an actual library. Fortunately for us, one of our members was a professional librarian, and she was willing to take on the daunting task of turning boxes of books into a bona fide library. Since then Mary Ann Upchurch has worked countless hours assembling the Guild’s library starting with building the shelves.

Mary Ann, along with a group of dedicated volunteers, categorized all of the items, built a data base of the collection, and put together a card catalog. The work continues as new books are added to the library. The current collection contains 918 catalogued items as well as a large collection of periodicals.  In addition Mary Ann displays books that feature our monthly program topics, manages overdue books with diligence and tact, keeps books in order, and dusts the shelves. She does an excellent job of giving the library a welcoming climate that encourages members to take advantage of its resources.

Mary Ann will be passing the torch to a new librarian soon as her husband’s job transfer will be taking them back to Georgia. Her vision for the library’s future is to have an online searchable data base of the collection and continue to add books that reflect the wide range of our members’ interests.

We thank Mary Ann for her dedication and expertise and wish her all the best in the next chapter of her life. In her honor the library will officially be named the Mary Ann Upchurch Library.





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