October 2016–I Didn’t Know We Had That!

Weavers are so lucky. With the same set of basic skills we can weave anything from durable rugs to delicate lace and everything in between. But how many of us have the space or budget to own all the looms necessary for the patterns and projects we would love to try?

That’s not a problem for Guild members. For our October program Carol Dahms, loom and equipment coordinator, familiarized us with the wide variety of tools available for our use.


Carol describes how to use a warping paddle

The tour started in the loom room. The two and four harness rug looms are currently dressed with colorful warps. Members may weave rugs at a cost of 15 cents per inch.

We have four and eight harness floor looms which are sometimes warped for a study group project. The Iowa tartan and an overshot project were recently completed. When the looms are not being used for a guild project, members can reserve them for their own use.

The next part of the tour took us to the storage rooms where Carol and other volunteers have sorted, organized, and labeled all the Guild’s equipment so items can be easily found and used. I’m sure I was not the only one who had no idea the Guild has such a bounty of tools available, which is exactly why this program was planned in the first place. Why have all these wonderful things if they’re not being used?

Here are some of the things we saw:

•round counter for sectional beaming    •warping boards    •umbrella swifts                                          •lease sticks    •pick up sticks    •every type of shuttle imaginable    •ball winders    •bobbin winders    •warping paddles    •yarn balance    •felting board    •clothesline           •table looms    •inkle looms    •tension devices    •equipment for silk scarf and shibori dying    •drum carders    •blending board    •knitty knotty    •lazy kate and more

Carol asks members to complete a Loom Room Orientation before using the looms and equipment. Those who participted in the October program tour do not need additional orientation.

As is true for anything that is used by many, it is necessary to have some rules for use. They will be be posted on the bulletin board for a quick reminder before using the looms. The rules are also listed below:


Happy weaving!



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