Mad about Fiber

Karla Stille found a way to turn an ordinary headband in something with pizazz!

Karla Stille presented the March program, Mad about Fiber. Through her PowerPoint, Karla challenged us to be fearless and try new things. View her presentation below.

To see how this works in real life, Karla had us form four groups, handed out bags of materials, and asked us to create something. After lively discussions and much laughter, the results were shared.

This creation took on a personality and life of its own!

Drumming up some fun!

The Baa Baa Black Sheep drum.

This creation was described as a knitting needle and scissors holder with a sarong.

To wrap up the program, several members shared projects from shawls, to dyeing, to bags and even bones, where they stepped out of their comfort zones and tried something completely different.

Karla’s program was an entertaining way to remind us that amazing things can be the result of letting our imaginations and creativity blossom.

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