Martina Celerin Workshop October 9-10!

We are thrilled to announce that Martina Celerin will be presenting at Federation on October 8, and giving a 2-day workshop on Dimensional Weaving on October 9-10.

Dimensional Weaving With Martina Celerin

Sunday, Oct 9: Weaving Using Reclaimed and Recycled Materials (10am-6pm)

We will be using simple nail looms with pick-up sticks (batons) made from paint stirrers. Participants may want either to do some sketches and/or bring weaving ideas, or to just go with the flow and let their piece evolve as they are weaving it. I will be describing weaving with multiple strands of yarn, mixing yarn types and weaving with non-conventional “yarns.” I will demonstrate the Soumak weave and encourage participants to incorporate at least some of this weave structure into their pieces – so that on Day 2 we have a base for the dimensional crochet. Participants can also experiment with incorporating yarn tufts into their work, as well as weaving with wire in order to add reclaimed beads and “beads” (i.e., anything with a hole through it!) into their pieces.

Monday, Oct 10: Embellishing a Weaving (9am-4pm)

On the second day we introduce even more depth into the pieces by doing dimensional crochet and additional strategies for embellishing the weavings including creating wet-felted balls and noodles. Participants will be encouraged to do some wet felting using 3 different fibers (Shetland, Merino top, and Merino noils) to create simple wet-felted structures that can be stitched onto their weaving creations. We will then shift to wrapping, and participants will be able to create wire-enhanced yarn-covered structures that can be made into bendable solid tubes of variable diameter. Participants will also be able to embroider and stitch beads onto their weavings. Finally, we will needle felt directly onto the weavings to appreciate the effect of smoothing and coating regions of the weavings.  

Photos from Martina Celerin’s website, used with permission.

Cost for this intriguing workshop is $150, and you may sign up via this form.  You may use PayPal or mail a check to the Guild at the address of the Fiber Arts Studio.  All materials will be provided by Dr. Celerin, but students are invited to bring additional embellishments.  The loom may be used free of charge and returned or may be purchased from Dr. Celerin for $30. Workshop will be held at College Square Mall (6301 University Avenue) in Cedar Falls.

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